Office cleaning

Task guide, trial cleans, cleaning products & cleaning equipment

Office cleaning products & equipment

To keep our rates low, we ask you to provide the following cleaning products and equipment (None to contain bleach):

  • Anti-bacterial spray that kills 99.9% of bacteria
  • Bathroom spray
  • Toilet cleaner
  • Disposable wipes (for use on the toilet).
  • Any specialist sprays for your surfaces
  • Furniture polish
  • Glass spray (for mirrors & glass)
  • Floor cleaner
  • 1 set of gloves for kitchen use
  • 1 set of gloves for bathroom use
  • 1 duster with a handle for cobwebs
  • Dusters and cloths
  • Fully operational vacuum cleaner
  • Mop and bucket
Cleaning supplies including duster, mop head and rubber gloves in bucket

Trial cleaning session

Cleaning products, detergents and chemicals in blue plastic bucket on kitchen worktop.

The first office cleaning session is called the trial clean . Please discuss with the cleaner what you would like her/ him to do on arrival and what specific requirements you have.

The cleaner will let you know how many hours she/ he will need to do the work you’ve discussed.

Please show the cleaner where you keep your cleaning products, cloths, gloves, mop and bucket and vacuum cleaner on arrival.

Please note: Our office cleaners cannot clean ovens, move furniture, stand on chairs or step ladders or use carpet cleaning or commercial cleaning machines.

Please note: The trial clean is not a free session. You pay the cleaner at £10 per hour at the end of each clean in cash or by bank transfer and you pay Thomson Cleaning for the trial clean separately 1 month in advance by standing order. (£3.50 per hour if weekly cleaning or £4.50 per hour if fortnightly cleaning).

Office cleaning - Working area

Please discuss your specific requirements directly with the office cleaner.

The cleaner can do the following tasks:

Remove cobwebs
All tops & desks
Empty waste bins
Light fittings
Skirting boards & window sills
Vacuum & mop

Small empty commercial office black office chairs and black desks monitors

Bathroom / Toilets

Office toilets - male / female circular sign on wall illustrated by man symbol and woman symbol

Please discuss with the cleaner what tasks

you would like her / him to do:


The cleaner can clean:

Toilet seat, bowl, tank and base

Bath, taps and tiles / splash back areas

Mirrors, glasses and chrome

Sink and taps & splash back areas

Empty waste bin(s)

Light fittings, skirting boards & window sills

Vacuum & mop

Remove cobwebs

Kitchen area

Please discuss with the cleaner directly

what cleaning tasks you would like done:



The cleaner can clean:

Cupboard & refrigerator fronts

Microwave inside and out

Outside of appliances

All tops and surfaces

Sink, taps and splash back areas

Lampshades & light fittings

Skirting boards & window sills

Vacuum and mop floor

Load / unload dishwasher

Remove cobwebs

Office kettle, box of tea bags, bottle of semi-skimmed milk, tea in disposable cup on sideboard in office kitchen

Dining area

Sparkling clean dining room at home with wooden chairs and table, fruit bowl and crisp white walls

Please discuss with the cleaner what 

tasks you would like completed:


The cleaner can clean:

All tops and surfaces

Window sills and ledges

Vacuum & mop

Empty bins

Tables and chairs

Remove cobwebs

Hallways and stairs

Please discuss with the cleaner on arrival what

tasks you would like her/ him to do on her/ his cleaning visits.


The cleaner can clean:

Skirting boards

Light fittings

Window sills

Vacuum floor

Mop floor

Remove cobwebs

Wooden staircase with white walls, no pictures on walls, modern interior