10 Reasons to use a domestic cleaning agency

Why use a cleaner introduction service / domestic cleaning agency instead of hiring a local cleaner direct?

  1. We advertise for cleaners through various online advertisements and only the best applicants will make it through to the next stage.
  2. We conduct an initial interview. If the cleaner speaks English well and we can understand eachother, if we think the cleaner sounds friendly and if the cleaner has relevant experience we move onto the next stages.
  3. We take up 2 references for each candidate, preferably specifically cleaning-related as opposed to simply character references. Since we conduct this process for you, this saves you considerable time. Because we have been running a cleaning agency for 7 years, we are tuned into the qualities to look for in a candidate.
  4. We check the cleaner’s right to work in the UK documentation. If you do not go through a cleaner introduction service / agency you may not know how to do this properly. If you hire a cleaner directly, without conducting these checks and were to have someone working in your home that does not have the righ to work in the UK, the financial penalty can potentially be severe.
  5. We conduct a second interview. We take copies of all relevant documents, address, right to work in the UK and 2 forms of I.D
  6. You have a point of contact if you have any queries or issues with your cleaner. At any time you can contact us to ask for advice or assistance and we would be happy to assist and help to resolve any problems.
  7. We can provide a stand-in cover cleaner if your regular cleaner contacts you to say she is sick. Just get in touch with us to request a stand-in cleaner and we will arrange that for you.
  8. We provide insurance which acts as a complement to your own household insurance, which acts as a safety net in the unlikely event that the cleaner causes any damage in excess of a cost of £250. (The first £250 of any claim you would be responsible for).
  9. We can provide a stand-in cleaner if your usual cleaner contacts you to say she is going on holiday. If you hire a cleaner directly without going through an agency, and if that cleaner were to go away on holiday for 1, 2, 3 or maybe even 4 weeks at a time, you would be left without a cleaner for the duration of your holiday. If you have a very busy job and / or family life, then the cleaning tasks can build up quite quickly!
  10. 10. In the unlikely event that you wish to change the cleaner we introduce to you to have another cleaner instead, we can arrange this for you without any fuss.

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