Welcome To Thomson Cleaning


We maintain a database of carefully selected and vetted cleaners who we match up with people looking for domestic cleaning and ironing services in Oxford and Kidlington.




Why choose Thomson Cleaning?


  • We provide Employers, Public and Product Liability Insurance. This protects you if your cleaner were to injure herself in your home or in the event of major damage or breakages.



  • Each prospective applicant is vetted, reference checked and interviewed to establish their suitability for the role. We check each cleaner's right to work in the UK status (if applicable.)


  • We are extremely selective and seek out great people; as each cleaner we take on represents our company. 


  • You would have the same regular cleaner on each visit, so the cleaner really gets to know you, your home and your requirements.


  • Our cleaners work on an individual basis, not in teams.


  • You choose what regular day of the week you would like the cleaner to visit and we match you up with a cleaner who is available on a regular weekly or fortnightly basis on that day of the week. 


  • You can also choose what time of day the cleaner visits on her regular weekly or fortnightly day of the week. We will match you with a cleaner who's available at that time, or as close to it as possible. 


  • Our cleaners are carefully selected on the basis of their reliability, standards of cleaning, trustworthiness and friendliness. Our cleaners all speak English. 


  • We offer some of the most affordable prices for house cleaning services in Oxford.


  • We can provide a replacement cleaner if your regular cleaner goes on holiday, is ill or were to leave the agency.